#42 Yellow Fever

I'm officially obsessed with buttery, vibrant, mustardy, fluorescent, lemony & sunny yellows. They are the cause of instant smiles & one of the best remedies to rainy days. I mean, rain slickers are yellow for a reason! (disclaimer: it might not be this reason, but I like to think so)  My new fluorescent yellow iPhone case makes me smile every time I pull it out of my pocket, and it's almost time to whip out the fluorescent yellow toenail polish.  Bring on the sun!


#41 Fancy Pants

It's funny how you can completely forget about cold weather after the first warm day hits.  It makes those spring cold snaps feel even worse.  And that's when you realize you have to find clothes that can work for cool & warmish weather.  It's also nice when you can wear them to work and go straight out to happy hour or a night out.  Oh, and what if they are comfortable too.  But how can it be possible, you ask,  that one outfit can do so much?!?!  I'm not sure that I've found a solution that works for everyone, but if you're down for wearing sequined leggings, I've got you covered...



#40 Friday Flowers

J. Crew does it again... How did they know how much I love wearing wreaths of flowers in my hair?!

photo via j. crew


#39 Photography... Feat. the iPhone

Today I'm featuring a few of my friends' photos they took with their phones.  I'm always amazed at how a little phone can get the job done.

via Diane Penacerrada's iPhone in Paris:
via Sloan Flournoy's iPhone in Georgia:
via Marie-T Franke's iPhone at Coney Island & on the Subway:

via Christophe Jammet's droid in the NYC harbor:
via my iPhone in Chinatown, NYC:


#38 Missing Home

Sometimes I miss the strangest things about home.  Today it's  storms.  Amanda Friedman's photography perfectly represents that eerie feeling of misty nights and half-light days.  The first photo reminds me of exactly what it feels like outside right before a bad storm hits- too still, too green, too light & dark at the same time...

Be sure to check out the rest of her work & her Etsy shop for cool prints.


#37 Virtual Sugar High

I've been staring at this photo for weeks now.  Every time I'm feeling down, I look at this photo and magically am much happier... and hungrier.  Check out the photographer's work here: http://www.bethgalton.com/ 

 Happy Friday!!


#36 The Last Show... or How to Be a Ghostly Angel

Alexander McQueen Fall 2010 Collection.  Just a few looks from the master's final collection... & a few other things.

 photos via Vogue

Braided rope headband via Jennifer Behr


#35 Green Dreams

There are three holidays I would rather not celebrate in New York City, one of which is St. Patrick's Day.  It's really nothing against St. Patrick, it's more related to the ridiculous tourists and people that flood the city that make me feel more claustrophobic than sitting in the center seat on an airplane.  On my way to work this morning, the train was full of adolescents and tourists wearing all green making their way uptown for the parade.  Reading my book became a bit difficult with all the rowdiness.  No joke, one guy was doing flips on the grab bar in the center of the train.  I really could've used one of these:

Found these via art at heart available from Yuruliku.  Can you imagine a bookshelf of half finished books & flagged favorite quotes? 

Right now I would rather be enjoying some romantic peace and quiet to celebrate...

photo via Pedlars

Also, Mrs. Lilien has the best roundups, and her St. Patrick's Day edition is fabulous as always.  Check it out... I could really use a #10 right now.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!


#34 Phone Home

It happens... phones break... you lose all your numbers.  I suppose this is why you used to memorize everyone's numbers when you were a kid... and a it's good excuse to get a very cute little black book... and a landline.

photo via j.crew

 photo via pink wallpaper


#33 Happy Rainy Friday!

It's Friday!!!!  It's also official that spring has hit!  Dreary rain and all.  I broke out the trench coat for the first time today.  I think this weekend will be the weekend.  You know what I mean...THE weekend.  The one where you pack away the puffy coats and heavy sweaters.  It might be one of my favorite spring cleaning/ organizing activities ever... or at least the one that puts me in the best mood.  I always tend to do this about 2-3 weeks before everyone else because I'm just so excited about spring showing it's lovely face.  Sometimes I have to dig back into the abyss under my bed to grab a coat for one last cold snap, but I usually just layer up.  Shorts with tights, cute jackets, & scarves galore.

I love these silk shorts by Madewell

and this chunky necklace also by Madewell

and this photo via oh brooke
...soooo spring showers-y


#32 A Good Reason for Math & Fashion to be Friends

You know those tables covered with t-shirts or sweaters in every color of the rainbow?  I love and hate those tables.  All the colors are so pretty together! Why do I have to chose just one?! (fyi-I usually do get more than one if there's a sale)  For the most part I love all colors equally.  A lucky few get special treatment depending on the time of year and if they are a shade of pink.  I always feel bad for the colors on clearance racks.  At one time, they were on the table with all the other colors and fit right into the rainbow.  But on their own, they are just sad... and probably not so flattering on most skin tones.

Well , I've discovered a way to have it all...

necklace via spinthread's etsy shop
Roxy Pier Sandals by Cynthia Rowley

One last photo for some color combo inspiration.  If pastels and jewel tones can be friends, why can't we all just get along?


#31 Two Cuties

Two cute things for a an almost spring feeling friday:

1.  Baby hot poof via j. crew (for original hot poof see here

2.  Felting project #2: Herman the baby chick

#30 Golden Night

black+ gold =  fastest, easiest way to look totally chic

Example: those days when you are totally stressed out and can't even handle the decision-making process of what to wear in the morning.  My solution is to pull on a pair of dark jeans, a black top, and my favorite long gold necklace that goes with just about everything.  All done, with the decision-making limited to whether the shirt is short sleeve or long sleeve. 

black+ gold =  fastest, easiest way to look glam and sexy

Example: throw on black dress with gold heels. Done.  Or a combo of any of the following...especially the gold blazer... yowza!

necklace from colorblindsmarties, earrings & necklace from AK Vintage

gold blazers and embellished dresses from the Balmain Fall 2010 Collection via WWD


#29 When It Gets To Be Too Much

I've been out of my mind busy for the past week!  When did February become the busiest month of the year?!  I thought that May and December were fighting to claim the title. 

Good news to come out of the busy-ness: I got a new computer!! YAYAYAY!
Bad news: Currently battling a cold and missed out on a lot of good sleep...but really who needs to sleep?

I will be daydreaming (possibly real dreaming, considering the lack of sleep) the rest of the afternoon and pretending there isn't still snow on the ground, and that I'm wearing some jean shorts taking a nap on the grass in a sunfilled garden. 

Alexa Chung for Madewell Fall 2010 Collection
photo via Refinery 29

photo via Refinery 29                   photo via fashionologie
photo via fashionologie

 paired with cute oxfords
photo via Asos


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