#78 Daydreams & Pickup Trucks

Looking back, I'd say I spent a large portion of my free time this summer daydreaming about apartments and being way to hot.  Now that I've had a taste of fall with temps in the 60s and cool breezes making jackets a necessity, I'm worried I didn't spend enough time outside... but then I went to Alabama for my birthday weekend & remembered what happens when I leave the air-conditioned heaven that is my bedroom when it's a million degrees outside: sweating...and bugs...yucky. 

 The other thing I was reminded of when going home was trucks.  I think I saw more trucks than cars.  My family has two trucks & two SUVs... oh yeah, and one car... but it's more for decoration (it doesn't run).  I kinda miss trucks and rolling the windows down and driving over curbs because- "It's ok, I'm in a truck!"  No need to lock the doors because there's nothing to steal.  Reminds me of high school and everybody's crappy--I mean super sweet cars

  photo via dance with voices

Missing Alabama already, and I just got back to New York.


#77 Summer Sunsets

I'm currently obsessed with sunsets.  Their magic is hard to fully describe with a photograph because the feeling you get of being a minuscule part of the universe when you look into the sky doesn't really come across.  I'm obsessed to a point where I want to try and paint an entire room the colors of the sky at dusk (or maybe start out with one wall).  Sunsets make me happy.  

Happy, happy, happy...

The sky from my new Brooklyn hood...

photos via oh joy! by Johnny Miller

 The sky from my old Manhattan hood...


#76 Party Prep

Birthday party tonight!  Birthday party tomorrow night! 
Cute dresses are going to be getting their fair share of wear this weekend.  Everything is so festive right now that I'm tempted do up a wall in my apartment like so:

photo via oh joy! by MAV

...and I'm very tempted to purchase a pair of birthday shoes comme รงa:
Bruno Frisoni heels via {this is glamorous}


#75 Summer Celebrations...or How To Prepare for Another Year of Being Alive

Nothing beats August birthday parties, BBQs and Southern adventures They are always rejuvenating and a last hurrah before the cool weather sneaks its way in, taking over the summer and turning to fall... 

Except in Alabama where summer lasts into November... & sometimes January.

Happy Birthday to all my fellow Leos!

photo via coco+kelley


#74 Apartment Inspiration To The Max

Get ready for an awesome inspiration overload for the new apartment!

photo via **

photo via apartment therapy 
photos above via {this is glamorous}

Living Room / Dressing Room / Office:
photos above via {this is glamorous}
photo via design*sponge
photo via **

** I'm being forgetful and unorganized and a bad blogger--I can't remember where I found this image.  If it's yours or you know where it's from please let me know so I can credit it!


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