#33 Happy Rainy Friday!

It's Friday!!!!  It's also official that spring has hit!  Dreary rain and all.  I broke out the trench coat for the first time today.  I think this weekend will be the weekend.  You know what I mean...THE weekend.  The one where you pack away the puffy coats and heavy sweaters.  It might be one of my favorite spring cleaning/ organizing activities ever... or at least the one that puts me in the best mood.  I always tend to do this about 2-3 weeks before everyone else because I'm just so excited about spring showing it's lovely face.  Sometimes I have to dig back into the abyss under my bed to grab a coat for one last cold snap, but I usually just layer up.  Shorts with tights, cute jackets, & scarves galore.

I love these silk shorts by Madewell

and this chunky necklace also by Madewell

and this photo via oh brooke
...soooo spring showers-y

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