#68 How To Avoid Being Homeless

Easiest answer to that is find an apartment.  Sounds relatively simple right?  Well, not exactly...  The fun part of a new apartment= decorate the apartment!!  Wish I could skip the "finding" portion and move right to the "decorating" portion, but everything comes in its due time.  

 photo via coco+kelley
A bit too fancy, but the colors are right up my alley!
photo via somewhere I forgot, if u know where it's from let me know!
A bit too minimal, but if you've ever been to my apartment you know how much I love photographs and artwork!

photo via also somewhere I forgot...
Just right!  Such a bright happy room! 


#67 Sweet Sweet Summer

It finally feels like the beginnings of summer outside.  Shades on, shorts on, hats on, hair up, looking cool.  Love it. 

photo via Refinery 29
photo via Late Afternoon
photo via Refinery 29


#66 Starboard Side

I keep on thinking about the future and it's complete mystery.  It seems like there is no way we can even know a smidgen about what will happen next or how to plan accordingly.  Some days you wonder how you could ever be unhappy again.  While the next day brings disappointment right back into your life, and it seems it will never end.  But, alas!  The very next day, chaos is resolved, and all is right with the world.  Some of us fare these changing winds better than others.  And I'm sure every now and then we all feel completely lost at sea, whether we admit it or not.  The good news?  We are all in the same boat and your crew is always looking out for you (I know that was a lot of nautical metaphors to swallow)... Jibe-ho!

photos by Amir Zaki via OhJoy!
These aren't boats exactly, but they do look like handy places to spend a night on shore and keep a lookout for pirates! 


#65 Since I'm On The Subject...

...of back cleavage and such, I also adore this colorful tank with intricate cutouts: 

 via shopbop


#64 Summer Skin Rules

The other day I was walking down the street, toodling along.  When I was stopped in my tracks.  There was a girl sitting in a restaurant with her back to the window.  She was wearing an amazing dress similar to the one below but in white.  It was a wonderfully beautiful sight for two reasons...

1.  It's a sophisticated way to show off some skin.
2.  It's actually warm enough to wear skin-baring dresses!

Lesson learned here?  Keep it classy, kids.

photo via shopbop


#63 School's Out!

I'm FREE!  Freeeeeeeeeeee!  Even though I'm no longer in school myself, I moonlight as a tutor and let me tell you-- SCHOOL IS OUT.  It's summer time, finally!  Stressful finals are over and done with... life is good.  I'm yearning for a huge slumber party, like the ones you'd have on Friday nights with all your best friends present to make memories...and fools of yourselves.  


#62 Hot Hot Hot

It's hot... I'm really hot... itchy... need A/C... or the beach... and a bike... I like shorts.

photo via Refinery 29

Sorry for the randomness.


#61 What a Happy Place

Looking for that happy place in my mind to escape the stress of apartment hunting.  This would be nice...

photo via JJJJound
Or this...


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