#35 Green Dreams

There are three holidays I would rather not celebrate in New York City, one of which is St. Patrick's Day.  It's really nothing against St. Patrick, it's more related to the ridiculous tourists and people that flood the city that make me feel more claustrophobic than sitting in the center seat on an airplane.  On my way to work this morning, the train was full of adolescents and tourists wearing all green making their way uptown for the parade.  Reading my book became a bit difficult with all the rowdiness.  No joke, one guy was doing flips on the grab bar in the center of the train.  I really could've used one of these:

Found these via art at heart available from Yuruliku.  Can you imagine a bookshelf of half finished books & flagged favorite quotes? 

Right now I would rather be enjoying some romantic peace and quiet to celebrate...

photo via Pedlars

Also, Mrs. Lilien has the best roundups, and her St. Patrick's Day edition is fabulous as always.  Check it out... I could really use a #10 right now.  Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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