#28 En Fran├žais

I have a strange desire to make french macaroons.  They are so beautiful and delicate.  They come in every color in the rainbow & just about any flavor you can dream up.  If anyone has ever made these, please let me know.  I have a feeling that I will need all the help I can get...

I have no idea what flavor these would be.  Blueberry & chocolate?

Snicker's Macaroons... Yes please!!!
photo via tartelette

Lavender flavored macaroons look like they are straight out of Marie Antoinette.

Which flavor to make first???


#27 Temptation & Organization

Everyone has a soft spot for something.  Something you can't resist and eventually leads to your demise...  

Mine is shoes.  At this particular moment, these shoes:

I'm not sure I can even say why or when my obsession with shoes started, but it's becoming a problem because I have a tiny apartment.  I wish I had a room that looked like this just to use as a closet/dressing room: 

Jenna Lyons' dressing room 
photo via habitually chic

Oh one day... one day


#26 Spring Dream

This spring I want/need two things:

1. a new computer- mine often goes to the blue screen of death and I spend hours scouring the internet for answers on how to revive it from the dead

2. a bicycle- bicycles and I have a rocky past, but I'm ready to give them another chance... especially if it's a really cute one with a basket

Many other things make up the want list, but I really don't need them.  This beautiful yellow trench, perfect for spring- WANT, but I have a cute green one that will do just fine.  Frye's Harness boots have been on the want list for a while, but I know they're not going to disappear anytime soon, so they can wait until I find a good deal.  The little shoulder bag that's convertible to a hipsack (ok, so I know it's a glorified fanny pack, don't hate) is more economically feasible and has definitely made the short list for spring. 

Yellow trench from anthro, ticino bicycle from Electra bicycles, Frye harness boots, & M.Carter hipsack/shoulder bag


#25 Love Letters

The thought of writing a love letter make most of us cringe at the cheesiness of it.  This collection of grafitti love letters to Philly, however, are too sweet & not cheesy at all.  I love New York.  Please someone do this here... and hopefully the blue splatter graffiti hater won't ruin it for the rest of us.  

To the city of New York:  Won't you be my Valentine?

all photos via A love letter for you by Stephen Powers


#24 Hot Pink + Neutral & Baby Blue + Black

I love, love, love, the styling for J. Crew.  I rip about half of the pages out of the catalog to use as inspiration.  The pieces may not be super exciting, but the color combos and things they do with simple basics are genius.  GENIUS!!  Like a mad scientist experimenting with simple chemicals no one has thought to combine thereby producing magical love potion. 

for play:  t-shirt + tank top

for work:  fishnet socklets + classic cuts
photos via j.crew


#23 California Style

I always feel like Californians are very lucky this time of year.  I mean, lacy tops with blue jeans in the middle of winter!!  Soooo lucky.  But, I have heard all the beautiful weather becomes a bit monotonous to those of us not accustomed to constant sunshine.  No dramatic storms or snowfalls.  No fried food or unhealthy sweets... I would never survive.


#22 Graphics & Grey

Stripes and grey with a tiny dash of color to remind you that spring is coming...after all the snow melts...eventually...

photo via Thread Social

photo via Nine West


#21 Making Connections

What do these three images have in common? 

image via lonnymag

"Internacional" by Paco Pomet 
image via modcult

photography by Rachel Papo

I actually have no earthly idea, but it's Monday, so, I thought I'd just throw some randomness out into the world.  Enjoy!!


#20 "There's No Time For Time!"

Sunday flowers usually bite the dust before the week's over.  Seeing sad droopy flowers is almost worse than no flowers at all.

Time to buy some everlasting lovin' flowers, or make them, or get them for Valentine's day, or win them (see below).  Put them on headbands, pin them to jackets, tie them to your belt, put them on a cake, eat the cake, & then go out into the world. 

"oh for the love of mother there's no time for time!"
photo via emersonmade

Check out this giveaway from emersonmade to score some flowers of your own!

Or make some flowers:


#19 Hair a Hat Can't Mess Up... or How to Endure Ear Shocks

The snow is really pretty and all, but I have a strong dislike for winter.  It's all the extra clothes you have to wear...And all the static and getting shocked in the ear by your iPod headphones.   To make things worse, you have to wear a hat that completely flattens your hair to the top of your head.  I've been on the lookout for hat resistant hairdo's to make winter bearable, and I may have found one!

photo of model Constance Jablonski via Jak and Jil blog

I will be trying out this braid over the weekend.  And have a feeling if things work out, I will be wearing braids all the way into summer... 

also check out:  
this dreamy headpiece & hot headbands of power at ban.do


#18 Colors & Craziness

I'm in the midst of a room redo... crap everywhere... computer hiding under piles of books... Harry Potter movie marathon in reverse... paint fumes making me loopy... Monday morning meetings... 

...but first breakfast for dinner at Wafels & Dinges.  Who's with me?


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