#86 Wax On, Wax Off

It started like this:

Then I measured, I cut (well, I got my friend to do most of the cutting because I was scared of cutting my finger off), I sanded, I clamped, I drilled, I screwed, I unscrewed(oops!), I screwed again, I sanded some more, I waxed, I buffed, & I waxed and buffed again, and this is what I got in the end:

A table and matching bench that didn't break the bank... but almost broke my back.


#85 FWIR: Part 4

(a.k.a. My Hero-- because it's all so wearable and, well, that last white dress is one of the most beautifully simple things ever)

all photos via style.com


#82 Fashion Week In Review: Part 1

This is going to be all photos no chatting.  Mostly because all I would say  is, "Oooooo, Awwwww!" over and over again.  Enjoy & let me know if I'm missing something out-of-this-world beautiful.

all photos via style.com


#81 The Fallbacks

It's definitely starting to feel like fall in the city.  It's time to break out the tweed and tights and start getting my morning coffee hot rather than iced... I'm still kind of pulling for an Indian Summer though.

photo via j. crew


#80 Places Set

One long table coming up!  This weekend I'm planning on building a dining table.  I found a sweet website, where the writer, Ana White, builds furniture and shares plans that you can build yourself, from the easiest to more advanced.  It gave me the courage to make something useful and not have to spend a million dollars on it.  With a few table building helpers and a tool donor, hopefully it will be a success! Then, whenever you come to visit me, I will have a cute little table set up like so to welcome you...

photo via design*sponge

photo via style me pretty

photo via design*sponge


#79 The Avoi-Dance

Sometimes I do this dance I like to call the "avoi-dance."  Yep, I tend to do it a lot at the change of seasons.  Like right now where I'm trying to avoid the truth that it's really the end of summer... and that new york winters last into April.  

Ready or not, here comes fall...

 photo via ffffound

I'm going to need lots of encouragement once December hits and there are no more crunchy leaves to dance in...


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