#32 A Good Reason for Math & Fashion to be Friends

You know those tables covered with t-shirts or sweaters in every color of the rainbow?  I love and hate those tables.  All the colors are so pretty together! Why do I have to chose just one?! (fyi-I usually do get more than one if there's a sale)  For the most part I love all colors equally.  A lucky few get special treatment depending on the time of year and if they are a shade of pink.  I always feel bad for the colors on clearance racks.  At one time, they were on the table with all the other colors and fit right into the rainbow.  But on their own, they are just sad... and probably not so flattering on most skin tones.

Well , I've discovered a way to have it all...

necklace via spinthread's etsy shop
Roxy Pier Sandals by Cynthia Rowley

One last photo for some color combo inspiration.  If pastels and jewel tones can be friends, why can't we all just get along?

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