#30 Golden Night

black+ gold =  fastest, easiest way to look totally chic

Example: those days when you are totally stressed out and can't even handle the decision-making process of what to wear in the morning.  My solution is to pull on a pair of dark jeans, a black top, and my favorite long gold necklace that goes with just about everything.  All done, with the decision-making limited to whether the shirt is short sleeve or long sleeve. 

black+ gold =  fastest, easiest way to look glam and sexy

Example: throw on black dress with gold heels. Done.  Or a combo of any of the following...especially the gold blazer... yowza!

necklace from colorblindsmarties, earrings & necklace from AK Vintage

gold blazers and embellished dresses from the Balmain Fall 2010 Collection via WWD

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