#108 Minus 4 = Today's Temperature (104!)

Today's high is a record breaking 104 degrees.  The last time it was this hot in New York City was 1957.  It's just too darn hot to think about much of anything right now except for swimming pools & popsicles...

Marilyn Monroe's 50's version of fun in the sun

Dior's 2011 version of summer style
via R29



#107 Stars Invisible

Another gem of a poem from my sister...Enjoy!

photo via pinterest

by Brianna K.

Stars stay hidden
In fog of urban night,
Unused and unneeded
For city makes the light,

Lest they lose a moment
Hurrying people fret,
And yet, some are still,
Banking on lost bet,

The bustle continues
A sea that ebbs and flows,
No stars here either
Fluorescents hum and glow,

Mechanic voice informs
Before the muffled ding,
Screaming child
One more annoying thing,

Owl questions orbs
Staring from expanse,
This is where stars live
Thousands at a glance,

Old pick-up finds its way
Down a starlit path,
Traveler guided home
By light beyond his math.


#106 Oh My Shoes!

Anyone out there wear a size 8.5 or 9 and need some cute gently worn shoes?  Come to my place immediately!

This may not come as a surprise, but I have too many shoes.  Waaaaaay tooooo many.  There are so many that they've been mentioned in articles by my roommate in our college newspaper, been the test of boys I'm dating to see if they are freaked out by how many there are, the cause of injury when the door organizer has come crashing down, etc.  I have trouble getting rid of them because, heck, they are just too darn cute!  But currently I'm running in purge mode, and they must go.  I probably have at least 10 variations of black heels.  And let's be honest, with all the schlepping I do around the city, they've been in hibernation for a while and aren't likely to come out for a while.

If I had fewer pairs of shoes, I could organize them very cutely in a little ottoman with the extra cute ones having a special spot on a wall of honor!  And for my Southern friends--if we had known about this in college and sold them on campus we would have made a small fortune: the flip flop hanger.  

show off cute shoes!
via Martha

keep the pairs together!

...and a pair for the road


#105 Happy Weekend of Studying!

Most people's summer weekends do not involve studying for exams unless they are still in school.  But mine do!!  (I'm trying to sound positive and excited about this)  I'm going to become a licensed architect.  This requires seven exams.  Imagine taking your SATs 7 times, except all the information is about architecture.  The boring parts of architecture mostly.  Contracts, scheduling, programming, codes, utility easements, setbacks, and soil types--and that's only the first exam!  The most exciting part I think is the history portion.  It gives meaning to the way we have come to build today.  Ever wondered how surburbia started? Check out Howard's plan for the Garden City.   

Wish this is what my weekend involved:

photo via

But it will probably look like this except with a more hunched over back and coffee jitters:

And I will be doodling drawings only half this witty to cope with the boring study material:
(p.s. the decorative one will always win in my opinion)

Check out this guy's awesome drawings!
photo via all the buildings in new york


#104 Changes To Live By

I had a lovely design conference via iphone with my friend Heather.  We discussed something that we both struggle with every now and again when we are itching for a change but feel bad leaving our old loves behind...old design loves, that is.  We get attached to designs or things we think represent what we like.  But they represent what were are like at a certain moment.  A year or three later we all have changed and things that were once amazing are just kinda eh or not that important anymore.  Here's to living life in the present, and that "Present" for my friend Heather include an adorable robin's egg blue table with red chairs.  Because the more I think about it, why not just go ahead and paint the chairs red!  Too much?  Maybe I'm getting carried away...  Some color inspiration:

 bathing beauty, the red sunglasses top it off

monotone robin's egg blue kitchen 
 photo via martha

bright poppies
photo via citrus & orange

Even Degas knew a good color combo when he saw one


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