#53 Puppy Power

Spring is always sure to bring one thing... puppies!  The puppies are out in full force on the streets in New York.  Bringing girls & guys that are normally too cool for school to their knees on the sidewalks to pet and baby talk to them.  

My future puppy:

My future puppy's friend:

#52 White Legs & Short Shorts...

...It's what's in for spring.  With an expected high of 87 degrees, I'll be debuting both of mine this weekend!  I went shorts shopping crazy last weekend, so, I have a few pairs to chose from.  I had been longing for this pair from American Apparel.  Uber-hipster, I know, but also uber-cute!  And you don't have to worry about watermelon stains!  (I'm slightly giddy about the warm weather if you can't tell)



#50 Hair, Hair Everywhere...

I NEED A HAIRCUT.  That's all.  

This could have been a picture of me at 15 in the back of Kathryn's car riding around town... or right now on the street.

This is what I felt like jumping of the front porch with an umbrella at 8 pretending to be Mary Poppins... or right now on the street in a rainstorm

This is probably what my hair looked like going to your 6th grade birthday party... or right now on the weekends at a back yard in Brooklyn.


#49 Schwimming

I LOVE swimming.  I'm not claiming to be a great swimmer.  I never even had the nerve to jump off the diving board until I was 10 and still have to work up a lot of courage to jump off now.  But I will lay claim to being an excellent bathing beauty.  Floating around the shallow end in an intertube is one of my specialties.  Cute suits are always a must when you can't show off doing flips and dives (cute suits are good then too, just make sure you won't lose them in the process).  

I'd take any of these retro/girly/graphic suits to the pool...

Urban Outfitter's polka dot suit & ruffle top suit

Urban Outfitter's zig zag suit &  salinas heart bikini 


#48 I'm Bored

I'm daydreaming the days away... wishing I could make a fort, steal the fake skis from my parents once-existent Nordic Track, don a fur coat & gloves, and pretend to cross-country ski around the house and retreat into an igloo made of couch pillows taking my little sister with me, wrapped in blankets, to cuddle and give Eskimo kisses to.  Oh, to be a kid again...

photo by Tim McPherson =Amazing!


#47 Dancing in Black, White & Grey

Sometimes I just feel like dancing.  There's no reason for it, just an innate need to move to the music playing in my head.  I have no shame.  Nobody should when it comes to dancing because then there's no fun in it.  Just grab a partner & let loose, it's Friday!

photo by Helen Levitt



#46 Shiny Office

I have a strong propensity for organizing.  I tend to organize spaces within an inch of their life...you can ask any of my roommates or family members.  The weird thing about it is that I actually get joy out of the process of organizing.  Give me a messy closet/pantry/desk, a couple of hours to get the job done, a trip to the Container Store, and I'm a happy camper.  I kinda wish my desk needed a cleansing & makeover right now, so I could go gold with all the accessories...hmmm, I think the gold scissors will def be mine very soon.

Gold alumicolor architectural scale, Kate's Paperie gold-toned scissors, lightning bolt book via  { wit + delight }, gold pencils, gold stapler, to-do list stickies, gold cups to organize all the bits & bobs, & gold striped happy tape

image via {this is glamorous}
 the perfect desk... 
you would need a little gold bottle of windex to go with it though


#45 Welcome Spring

Spring is making me a bit giddy and completely optimistic/unreasonable in my fashion choices.  Rompers and white jeans for all!  I've been obsessed with finding white skinny jeans since the winter before last and have finally found the perfect pair!  For those of you saying, "White jeans!?!? How the heck do you keep those clean?"  You can use some high powered cleaners without worrying about bleach spots or fading.  The only problem with white clothes is the pit stains.  I'm hoping I won't have that problem with pants... 

image via Madewell

I'm in love with this adorable romper but I have no idea where I would wear it...
image via jcrew

Spring in the City


#44 Hipster Heaven

This weekend I took advantage of the lovely weather and went to hang out in Hipster Heaven (aka McCarren Park).  It's like going to a fashion show & being part of a bicycle gang the moment you enter.   And I can guarantee you it has the most concentrated collection of tattoos & wayfarers you've ever seen in your life.  The people-watching alone provides endless hours of entertainment and delight.   I spotted a cat wearing bunny ears being walked on a leash by a couple wearing bunny ears and white rabbit fur vests and  bunny tails.  Love it.

and this is just the beginning of spring...

Me trying to absorb some sunshine

photos via Iliza B.


#43 Martha Madness

Hootie hoo!  I just had an amazing night last night!  I attended Martha Stewart's Stitchfest.  I had no idea what to expect besides lots of fun crafts.  The crowd was a very ironic mix of 20-something hipster handiwomen and women that could be their mothers... I really wish my mom had been there!  I got to make my very own tomato pincushion, made a new friend &  ran into Martha herself!  We all got goodies bags full of fun things for craft projects to come--needles, thread, scissors, dye, Martha's new book, MS magazines & other fun stuff.  I'm pretty sure my roommate, Iliza, thought it was hilarious to see someone so excited about needles and thread.

my blurry iPhone photo of Martha

makin' pincushions


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