#60 Next on the Agenda...

1)  Find awesome Brooklyn apartment

2)  Pack up crap

3)  Move

4)  Eat cake!

  photos by Lauren Max  via Oh Joy!


#59 Fluffy Stuff

Sometimes we all need fluffy stuff to get our minds off things.  Some people choose television, some sports, others music... but I choose fashion.  Ridiculously gauzy, flowy, colorful, barbie-esque dresses with hair to match.  Yep, sounds good to me!  No one can tell me that last white dress isn't the stuff dreams are made of...

Christian Dior's Resort 2011 collection


#57 Strangers in the City

There's something wonderful about connecting with strangers.  They are all different & special in their strangeness.  I always feel kind of buoyant after looking into the eyes of stranger in the street or sharing a smile with a woman sitting across from me on the subway when a funny performer is in our car.  It's one of the basic needs of humanity when you boil it all down.  Our web of relationships surprise us often times.  Like when the person you strike up a conversation with in the bathroom line knows your childhood friend.  It makes me wonder if these are coincidences, or if fate puts people in our path allowing us to make reason out of the chaos of everyday life. 

We all connect in different ways--a smile, shared frustration, a helping hand.  Strangers are only strange until you realize they are the same as you.  You just don't know their name...yet.  Some say New York is a city full of strangers, and that's ok with me.  It just means more surprises and adventures await.

via flickr


#56 Red-y for the Weekend

There's just something about red that wakes up all your senses.  This is also the case with Fridays.  On Friday afternoons, I go from being mumbling-zombie-dinosaur girl to embarrassing-to-walk-around-with-because-she-won't-stop-dancing-in-the-street girl.  Yes, as I always suspected, my life is a musical.  

Anyways, there's something about all red outfits that make me entranced.  I'm not sure that I ever dare try to pull it off, but wow, it makes my eyes excited.

Happy Fishy Friday! 


#55 Sans Couleur

This isn't normally my area of expertise, being an encourager of color and all, but every once in a while I get in the mood for neutrals- nude, ivory, grey, black, and brown.   My very stylish friend Jonna has a uniform of sophisticated dresses and separates all in black.  She has a hard time allowing neutrals into her wardrobe palette as well.  They can be difficult to pull off depending on your skin tone and some will just never work, but these photographs make me long for the simplicity of the right shade of nude paired with black.  Here's to trying something new...

 photos via {this is glamorous}

 3.1 Phillip Lim Lingerie via net-a-porter

P.S. I believe in your ability to incorporate color, Jonna.  You can do it :) 


#54 Red, White & Blue

I'm loving these stripey, nautical in the least literal way (literal interpretations are only allowed if you live on Cape Cod), easy-going outfits.  


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