#41 Fancy Pants

It's funny how you can completely forget about cold weather after the first warm day hits.  It makes those spring cold snaps feel even worse.  And that's when you realize you have to find clothes that can work for cool & warmish weather.  It's also nice when you can wear them to work and go straight out to happy hour or a night out.  Oh, and what if they are comfortable too.  But how can it be possible, you ask,  that one outfit can do so much?!?!  I'm not sure that I've found a solution that works for everyone, but if you're down for wearing sequined leggings, I've got you covered...



  1. I SO want the black sequined ones!

  2. I love the sequined shirt in the last picture!

  3. I bought some black sequined pants at Express over the holidays. Haven't worn them yet, but they look great in my closet. Maybe your post will give me the courage!


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