#105 Happy Weekend of Studying!

Most people's summer weekends do not involve studying for exams unless they are still in school.  But mine do!!  (I'm trying to sound positive and excited about this)  I'm going to become a licensed architect.  This requires seven exams.  Imagine taking your SATs 7 times, except all the information is about architecture.  The boring parts of architecture mostly.  Contracts, scheduling, programming, codes, utility easements, setbacks, and soil types--and that's only the first exam!  The most exciting part I think is the history portion.  It gives meaning to the way we have come to build today.  Ever wondered how surburbia started? Check out Howard's plan for the Garden City.   

Wish this is what my weekend involved:

photo via

But it will probably look like this except with a more hunched over back and coffee jitters:

And I will be doodling drawings only half this witty to cope with the boring study material:
(p.s. the decorative one will always win in my opinion)

Check out this guy's awesome drawings!
photo via all the buildings in new york

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