#104 Changes To Live By

I had a lovely design conference via iphone with my friend Heather.  We discussed something that we both struggle with every now and again when we are itching for a change but feel bad leaving our old loves behind...old design loves, that is.  We get attached to designs or things we think represent what we like.  But they represent what were are like at a certain moment.  A year or three later we all have changed and things that were once amazing are just kinda eh or not that important anymore.  Here's to living life in the present, and that "Present" for my friend Heather include an adorable robin's egg blue table with red chairs.  Because the more I think about it, why not just go ahead and paint the chairs red!  Too much?  Maybe I'm getting carried away...  Some color inspiration:

 bathing beauty, the red sunglasses top it off

monotone robin's egg blue kitchen 
 photo via martha

bright poppies
photo via citrus & orange

Even Degas knew a good color combo when he saw one

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  1. hmmmmmm.....now I will definitely have to consider painting the chairs red! oh man at all the options! The picture of the light blue cabinets is exactly the shade I was thinking about!!! I'm so glad you put that picture up.....saves me a lot of research time tonight, I'm going to buy paint tomorrow. I'm excited to finally go for it and paint something NOT-white!! :)


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