#107 Stars Invisible

Another gem of a poem from my sister...Enjoy!

photo via pinterest

by Brianna K.

Stars stay hidden
In fog of urban night,
Unused and unneeded
For city makes the light,

Lest they lose a moment
Hurrying people fret,
And yet, some are still,
Banking on lost bet,

The bustle continues
A sea that ebbs and flows,
No stars here either
Fluorescents hum and glow,

Mechanic voice informs
Before the muffled ding,
Screaming child
One more annoying thing,

Owl questions orbs
Staring from expanse,
This is where stars live
Thousands at a glance,

Old pick-up finds its way
Down a starlit path,
Traveler guided home
By light beyond his math.

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