#106 Oh My Shoes!

Anyone out there wear a size 8.5 or 9 and need some cute gently worn shoes?  Come to my place immediately!

This may not come as a surprise, but I have too many shoes.  Waaaaaay tooooo many.  There are so many that they've been mentioned in articles by my roommate in our college newspaper, been the test of boys I'm dating to see if they are freaked out by how many there are, the cause of injury when the door organizer has come crashing down, etc.  I have trouble getting rid of them because, heck, they are just too darn cute!  But currently I'm running in purge mode, and they must go.  I probably have at least 10 variations of black heels.  And let's be honest, with all the schlepping I do around the city, they've been in hibernation for a while and aren't likely to come out for a while.

If I had fewer pairs of shoes, I could organize them very cutely in a little ottoman with the extra cute ones having a special spot on a wall of honor!  And for my Southern friends--if we had known about this in college and sold them on campus we would have made a small fortune: the flip flop hanger.  

show off cute shoes!
via Martha

keep the pairs together!

...and a pair for the road


  1. Seriously would have loved the flipflop hanger in college for my collection of Tevas :)

    You have always had the best shoes - do you still have the dark red ones with the lips all over?

    My shoes are a foot deep (no pun intended) in the bottom of my tiny closet - time to purge!

  2. nina k--I'll bring you some home next month if you are for realz.

    ac--yes, lip shoes and i shall never part!

  3. i want shoes, small 8.5 here


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