#46 Shiny Office

I have a strong propensity for organizing.  I tend to organize spaces within an inch of their life...you can ask any of my roommates or family members.  The weird thing about it is that I actually get joy out of the process of organizing.  Give me a messy closet/pantry/desk, a couple of hours to get the job done, a trip to the Container Store, and I'm a happy camper.  I kinda wish my desk needed a cleansing & makeover right now, so I could go gold with all the accessories...hmmm, I think the gold scissors will def be mine very soon.

Gold alumicolor architectural scale, Kate's Paperie gold-toned scissors, lightning bolt book via  { wit + delight }, gold pencils, gold stapler, to-do list stickies, gold cups to organize all the bits & bobs, & gold striped happy tape

image via {this is glamorous}
 the perfect desk... 
you would need a little gold bottle of windex to go with it though

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