#4 Starsssssss with Marie

Today my co-worker Marie came in and showed me the cool origami star she made to decorate one of her gifts.  She realllllly likes making these stars.  She makes them in all different sizes and types of paper.  She had a box of little origami papers with her and said she could teach me how to make them.  SWEET!  So here we go...

Pick out 8 pieces of square paper in any size you want.

Fold each piece in half 

Fold the corners into the center...

...keep folding...

...and folding...

...til it looks like this!

Then fold 2 of the sides in to make it into a kite shape.

Use a glue stick (ideally) or put a dab of glue on the right side of the short end of the kite.
Align the tips on the short ends of two pieces and align the edge of the short end with the glue on the opposite side to the center fold of the non-gluey piece.

Keep gluing around.

One left!

Last dab of glue....

TADA!!!!! STAR!!!


I love hearing what you think!


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