#2 Get Crafty

The mention of craft shows makes the corners of my mouth twitch into a smile no matter how awful of a mood I'm in. I'm sure it sounds ridiculous that a room full of people excited about selling something they are proud to have made themselves, and at very reasonable prices, can make me as giddy as a kid in a candy shop (ok, so, I still get giddy in candy shops...)  Really though, who can resist such temptations??

Surprisingly this is the first year I've been to a craft show in NYC in the 3+ years of living here. I was a little overzealous and attended 4 in the span of 8 days.

Here are the amazing things I found!


Martha Stewart Craft Show:  OMG! it's snowing, OMG!
Gleena- organic shaped petal ceramics
Danielle Spector Ceramics- cozy ceramics
Jones Fife- wooden bracelets
moontree letterpress- really pretty calendar for 2010
pistachio press- beautiful stationary

BUST Craftacular:  (The Treats Truck was here.  It makes my life worth living)
INK + WIT- beautiful graphic letterpress prints
PASTE- wacky t-shirts
Vagabond Jewelry- copper cuffs
SPOONMELOVEME- 2 totes, 2 prints, plain and simply perfect
VERAMEAT- jewelry (for the vampire lover esp.)
photosynthesis-softest t-shirts ever to help you learn science
Loyalty and Blood- geometric necklaces

3rd Ward Craft Show:  Adventures in BK w/ E-beth
Brown Parcel Press- cool letterpress prints of cool random stuff
Gold Teeth- gold pencil necklace-- this one's for you AC
Jeeyun Ha Designs- amazing headbands and feathery stuff
M. Carter- super cute basket print hipsack/shoulderbag perfect for dreaming of summer in the middle of winter.

The last show I went to ended up having most of the same vendors from the previous three shows.  There was one main difference- a large number of people selling pickles...I don't like pickles.  Not once...not never...and that's when I realized I had been to enough craft shows for one holiday season...

...but I was super inspired and made this with my roomate, Iliza, and our friend Jonna:
paper snow


  1. What about the little penguino?!?! HE doesn't get any airtime on the blog? I guess competition was stiff...:) OH MY GOD!

    I love your new blog, snowflake!!--i

  2. I spent long enough longing for it, I think the penguin will need his own separate post...

  3. oh my. now I have like 40 tabs open on my internet. Off to explore the crafty goodness!!

  4. OMG, our office made those too! Yay, snowflakes!

  5. please explain to me "spoon me brooklyn"

  6. That pencil necklace rocks my socks off.

    And, your mom notwithstanding, NYC craft shows are way, way cooler than Huntsville craft shows.

    P.S. I can't convey my excitement that you have a blog!!! Now more people in the world can experience the one-of-a-kind utter coolness that is Cerrissa Style!


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