#3 I heart you little pingüino...

I saw these in Martha Stewart Living and wanted to attempt them IMMEDIATELY!
The penguin especially.  I wanted to make about 100 of them and put them in little penguin trains all over the apartment. 

Then I saw them in person at the Martha Stewart craft show and admired them and squeezed their soft little bodies and fell in love even more.  I asked the price-- $50...each.  My jaw dropped :-o.  I definitely need to make them on my own.  Time for another project to get my mom involved in when I go home!
(sidenote: I know my mom loves these projects, even though when I first tell her what we need to do she is skeptical) 

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  1. Martha makes that look so easy...but then your mom is sort of like a Southern Martha Stewart so maybe you guys can make this work. A bunch of penguins would be adorable :)


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