#57 Strangers in the City

There's something wonderful about connecting with strangers.  They are all different & special in their strangeness.  I always feel kind of buoyant after looking into the eyes of stranger in the street or sharing a smile with a woman sitting across from me on the subway when a funny performer is in our car.  It's one of the basic needs of humanity when you boil it all down.  Our web of relationships surprise us often times.  Like when the person you strike up a conversation with in the bathroom line knows your childhood friend.  It makes me wonder if these are coincidences, or if fate puts people in our path allowing us to make reason out of the chaos of everyday life. 

We all connect in different ways--a smile, shared frustration, a helping hand.  Strangers are only strange until you realize they are the same as you.  You just don't know their name...yet.  Some say New York is a city full of strangers, and that's ok with me.  It just means more surprises and adventures await.

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  1. I was thinking about this exact thing today. I love the idea of non-strange strangers :) I was at the gym today and a guy fell of the treadmill. Now, as wrong as this is, it was hard not to smile a little. I looked up from my book and saw several other people smiling. He wasn't hurt and I totally wanted to walk up to him and say I've done it too... because I have... but I didn't. Although, knowing that all of us had a 5 second connection was kind of amazing!


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