#26 Spring Dream

This spring I want/need two things:

1. a new computer- mine often goes to the blue screen of death and I spend hours scouring the internet for answers on how to revive it from the dead

2. a bicycle- bicycles and I have a rocky past, but I'm ready to give them another chance... especially if it's a really cute one with a basket

Many other things make up the want list, but I really don't need them.  This beautiful yellow trench, perfect for spring- WANT, but I have a cute green one that will do just fine.  Frye's Harness boots have been on the want list for a while, but I know they're not going to disappear anytime soon, so they can wait until I find a good deal.  The little shoulder bag that's convertible to a hipsack (ok, so I know it's a glorified fanny pack, don't hate) is more economically feasible and has definitely made the short list for spring. 

Yellow trench from anthro, ticino bicycle from Electra bicycles, Frye harness boots, & M.Carter hipsack/shoulder bag


  1. There's an adorable bike in the March issue Lucky magazine, and I think it said it will be at Target. It's a beach cruiser-style like the one in your pic (and like mine) and has some kind of liberty-print floral pattern on it--really cute. If I see it I'll send it along!

  2. Thanks AC! Checked out the Target bike, & it looks pretty sweet!!


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