#19 Hair a Hat Can't Mess Up... or How to Endure Ear Shocks

The snow is really pretty and all, but I have a strong dislike for winter.  It's all the extra clothes you have to wear...And all the static and getting shocked in the ear by your iPod headphones.   To make things worse, you have to wear a hat that completely flattens your hair to the top of your head.  I've been on the lookout for hat resistant hairdo's to make winter bearable, and I may have found one!

photo of model Constance Jablonski via Jak and Jil blog

I will be trying out this braid over the weekend.  And have a feeling if things work out, I will be wearing braids all the way into summer... 

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this dreamy headpiece & hot headbands of power at ban.do

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