#23 California Style

I always feel like Californians are very lucky this time of year.  I mean, lacy tops with blue jeans in the middle of winter!!  Soooo lucky.  But, I have heard all the beautiful weather becomes a bit monotonous to those of us not accustomed to constant sunshine.  No dramatic storms or snowfalls.  No fried food or unhealthy sweets... I would never survive.


  1. i want that necklace

  2. i wonder if the monotonous weather contributes to monotonous personalities? but then i wonder if a monotonous personality is a bad thing. i guess its a matter of perspective? unclear. i think what we can be sure of is that california offers unparalleled tacos.

  3. i oddly have a gold elephant necklace from forever 21.

    now all i need is a lace top and dyed blonde hair and i should be all set in LA.

  4. oh trust me, there is fried food and unhealthy sweets :)...some of the best actually! Come visit :)


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