#8 Wishing & Dreaming

I know that today in my hometown in Alabama it's snowing.  It is projected to snow here tonight too.  My question is: Why does the fashion world mock the northern hemisphere by showing spring collections in the dead of winter & freak southern snowstorms?!?!  I saw the cutest shorts at J.Crew last weekend and almost cried when I thought about the outside temperature being 25 degrees and not being able to wear shorts for 4 more months (if i'm lucky).  Also, I saw some beautiful dresses by Hoss Intropia & tba that would be perfect for wearing in the Spring.  All in shades that are the colors of clouds.  Soooo dreamy.  I can hardly wait for warmer temperatures.

As a side note, I've been trying to achieve a version of the hair in these photographs recently.  Attempting to coax it from it's adult state of not straight, but not wavy into it's toddler state of shiny curls.  It usually ends up less soft waves & messy curls, more wow, your hair is long and messy.  Did you brush it?  The answer is: no I didn't.  Long live the hot poof (see here).


TBA: to be adored

images via viewonfashion

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  1. Every time I've seen you recently your hair looks almost exactly like the girl wearing shorts and the ruffled white top in the second-to-last picture!


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