#10 Magic - Example 2: MAPS

More magic in the most ordinary of things...

Masterfully simple topographys made of paper:

Want one? Visit Crafterall's etsy shop
Free shipping! Woot woot!

Also, check out these sweet maps of the Mississippi River @ Radical Cartography:

One more magic map from Famille Summerbelle of Manhattan:


  1. I'm hoping you just found that top one today and just haven't told me about it yet! I love it!! What do you think about a series of those for Mason's room?!?!?!

  2. I think it would be amazing in Mason's room! Why we didn't think of doing this while we were in school?!

  3. there is one of manhattan that i love at the new museum on bowery... an illustrated map highlightening all the public toilets.

  4. I've seen one similar to the Manhattan map but it's of London...and I WANT it.

  5. AC, I know exactly what you're talking about. It's by the same people. And it comes in HOT PINK! If the Manhattan one came in pink, I'd have to have it ASAP.


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