#14 Love Hurts...

Love Hurts via Neither Snow

 There are some people out there that think Valentine's Day is a farce of a holiday invented for greeting card companies, jewelers, and flower shops.  You know what I think about that...well it probably wouldn't be nice to say so I will keep my opinions on other people's opinions to myself.

Valentine's Day is really about CRAFTS!!!  Making something that shows your appreciation for friends and lovers.  Growing up, I often made cookies for my classmates and put them into origami baskets I would make with my mom.  Last year I made the same heart-shaped sugar cookies for my fellow ski trip friends.  I will say, a LOT of effort went into finding sprinkles for those cookies.  I visited many a grocery with no luck in finding red or pink sprinkles and ended up going here.  That's how much I love my friends... and cookies with sprinkles.

I also like handing out valentines and writing everyone's names on them.  I may have done this even through college when it probably wasn't cool anymore...but it made me happy to see people smile at the surprise.

These valentines by Mara Zepeda of Neither Snow are very beautiful, and I would absolutely die if I got one of these in the mail!!!! Like I would burst into tears of joy and love the person forever (but this directly relates to my obsession with paper)

vintage stamps + calligraphy + white ink + heartfelt note =  
best valentine ever

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  1. yes! those cookies were amazing! definitely a key thing to have when stranded in a car.. in a blizzard.


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