#91 Cozy Stripes

It's starting to feel a little nippy outside.  It mostly makes me just want to stay in bed all day and hope that fleece pants with hot pink polar bears on them will be the fashion trend of the season.  Probably not going to happen though.  I'm just now starting to remember how to layer and dress properly for leaving the house in fall weather.  Cozy oversized sweaters, drapey cardigans, leather jackets, cute hats and stripes, apparently, are the new staple of the season.  

I've shown this one before here for the leggings and now for the sweater.  It really is the perfect outfit.

photo via Elle Canada

Since college I've been on the lookout for an orange and blue version like the Auburn cheerleaders wear, but they are harder to find than you'd think!
War Eagle!


  1. I've always wanted one of the Auburn cheerleader sweaters, too!

    And I LOVE stripes. Glad they're in style :)

  2. Um, so, I NEED that outfit. Sparkly leggings and stripes!!!!!! Ahhh! I love it!

  3. WAR EAGLE! c/o 2004. AWESOME BLOG! I found it while looking for the stripped sweaters. lol


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