#78 Daydreams & Pickup Trucks

Looking back, I'd say I spent a large portion of my free time this summer daydreaming about apartments and being way to hot.  Now that I've had a taste of fall with temps in the 60s and cool breezes making jackets a necessity, I'm worried I didn't spend enough time outside... but then I went to Alabama for my birthday weekend & remembered what happens when I leave the air-conditioned heaven that is my bedroom when it's a million degrees outside: sweating...and bugs...yucky. 

 The other thing I was reminded of when going home was trucks.  I think I saw more trucks than cars.  My family has two trucks & two SUVs... oh yeah, and one car... but it's more for decoration (it doesn't run).  I kinda miss trucks and rolling the windows down and driving over curbs because- "It's ok, I'm in a truck!"  No need to lock the doors because there's nothing to steal.  Reminds me of high school and everybody's crappy--I mean super sweet cars

  photo via dance with voices

Missing Alabama already, and I just got back to New York.

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  1. Ha! No you're right...most of our cars were crappy. My favorite was Allison C's old Woody. That thing had character :)


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