#120 Spring Revival!

This is my attempt to bring this blog back to life! Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging and you don't feel like you really have much to contribute to the internet already chock full of inspiration/information.  But then faraway friends are like, "What happened to your blog?! Is it dead? That's how I keep up with your current life happenings."  Well, here goes. A revival. Seems appropriate that it's happening now, at the beginning of spring.
I've been desperate for spring since February, but that's how it goes in nyc.  Everything seems to go on hold until spring finally arrives. Example: "I should start doing yoga, but I'll just wait until spring when it's not freezing cold walking back from the gym." Really anything that involves leaving the apartment gets put off because it's just too darn cold outside. So, I've been doing a lot of indoor activities- knitting, interneting, baking, netflixing, gold leafing, etc.

But now it's spring! And leaving the apartment doesn't feel so much like a chore. I've made a couple of goals for April that aren't necessarily outdoorsy, but are ways to feel refreshed in different areas of my life. Doesn't it seem like new year's resolutions should happen at the start of spring?

1 - spring clean 
2 - bring blog back to life 
3 - knit a sweater
4 - make art
5 - plan summer trips
6 - make goals

Making this list has really helped me to get focused and make progress.  1- I've made a good dent on spring cleaning and have driven a load of stuff to donate already, which feels awesome. This was also my first time driving a car in the city, with a very supportive Dude in the passenger seat helping out with directions. 2 - I've made the first step to bring the blog back to life right here!  3 - I just placed an order for the yarn to make the sweater in the photo above (it was very conveniently on sale). 4 - I pulled out my watercolors last night, inspired by my friends Heather and Susan who have been working on their watercolor skillz, and did some experimenting of my own.  5 - And some of my girlfriends from architecture school proposed a get together at the beginning of the summer which makes me pretty excited. 6 - I find "making goals" to be the hardest, but here's to dreaming big! Do you have any plans for spring?

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