#117 Heat Wave & Anna Faye

The heat has been dizzying in the past week in New York.  I've been a bit irrational and was tempted to buy more dishes and the Dude had to stop me and threatened to put a moratorium on buying any more kitchenware until a larger kitchen came into being.  At that moment I realized I'm turning into my Grandmother, Anna Faye. She loves dishes. She has more than anyone in their right mind would ever need. She could probably start a service renting out vintage dish sets that serve 20+ guests.   Now that she's getting older she has started pawning off her collection on me, which is kind of awesome! I have no idea when I will ever need a milkglass luncheonette set that serves 18, but if I accidentally break one, it's no biggie.

The dishes in question were at Target and were extra cute striped melamine plates that would go perfectly with this set of flatware feature in this month's Rue! You should get them if you are in the market for summer dishware and I will come over and help you mind the BBQ.

via Target

via Rue June 2012

This weekend I'm going to do some exciting furniture rearranging and try to get rid of things around the apartment I no longer need. If anyone out there need a printer/scanner that has been hanging around since 2004 that only works with Microsoft XP or later, it's yours. 

Stay cool!

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  1. C,
    1. tell Dude that one can never have enough dishes. if they are crowding your abode, i suggest he look into storage options...my husband has no idea how many sets of dishes i am currently hiding at my mother's house :)
    2. love the top photo, especially mrs green with yellow cat eyes
    3. haven't seen you in forever...hope you are doing well!


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