#70 A Fourth of Fun

The Fourth marked the first unbearable day of summer heat in New York City... and summer fun!  I woke up craving peaches, fireworks, friends, air conditioning and rolling down grassy hills.  At the end of the day, I'd satisfied all my cravings and then some.  Each detail etched into my memory.  The awful slimy feeling of sucking up a weird gummy thing the dude put in my peach smoothie.  Laying in the grass with eyes closed watching the bright spots of sunlight wavering just beyond my lids as it filters through the trees.  Sweating and picking Mexican corn out of my teeth while watching the sunset and relaxing with friends.  The sound of distant fireworks & counting how many seconds they're delayed to calculate the distance (proof I'm a total math nerd).  Last, but not least, riding the G train like a pro and remembering how I thought I would never see the day that the G would somehow enrich my life.   Life is funny like that.

photo via AL.com
Craving the site of the peachy water tower along the drive to Auburn & picking up fresh peaches and home-made butter pecan peach ice cream for a snack...

A reminder to myself to stop complaining and find the beauty in each day.

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